We Indians have taken pride in our ancient wisdom & intellectual lead which made us a powerhouse of knowledge & know-how in diverse fields of mathematics, chemistry, biology, philosophy, art & culture much ahead of the rest of the mankind.

It is also a fact that we have a rich diversity & depth in our knowledge about medicine & disease sciences. We have contributed a full fledged system of medicine to the world, called Ayurveda.

In the modern day & age too, post independence, India has taken long strides to higher echelons of healthcare. However, our cherished goal of achieving health for all has been evading us ever since.

We are not yet in the striking distance of the target.

On the other hand, you would agree, the larger the gap between the demand & supply, the bigger the opportunity there to serve & earn.

So we have opened up that opportunity & inviting one & all to be able to do their bit with the belief that TOGETHER WE CAN.

If you cannot provide healthcare, you can find healthcare. This Collaborative Healthcare Project would be that much closer to its target.

Treat or get treated or do both. Want to do anything in this domain, you are welcome!