It’s not about who you can see, it’s about who can see you.


As Healthcare Professionals, we spend millions creating healthcare “capacities”.

Capacity ?

“Ability & willingness to provide healthcare services, research, real-estate, software, educational programmes, products.”


B2B services: doctor-to-doctor consultation, fee-for-service consultations, cost optimization consulting

B2B research: pre-clinical / clinical studies in a lab / by the bed side / full fledged trial

B2B real-estate: land plots to acquisition of running hospitals

B2B software: HMS, CMS, CDSS, LIMS, chatbots etc.

B2B education: training programs for clinicians / non-clinicians, CME, etc.

Do you ever wish it was as easy as going to amazon, creating a catalog online & sell them?

or as a buyer, do you ever wish you could just add-to -cart it all and focus on patient care ?

Now it is.

We at are building one such unique Integrated B2B Healthcare Commerce Platform.

It’s early days for us and we have >400 clients (& counting), 3,70,000 vendors listed (& counting).

Jo dikhta hai , vahi bikta hai.

Our platform works towards helping decision makers see your capacities, which often go unseen. Go get your membership & show (to the right decision makers) your B2B healthcare offerings.

Because it’s not about who you can see, it’s about who can see you!


Title credit: Dialogue from the show WeCrashed on Apple TV+.