Our Definition of Healthcare

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The deep customer insight at play here is – the word “sales” is not liked by everyone in healthcare, yet everyone in healthcare is eager to sell – & that’s not a bad thing! Having acquired the toughest of qualifications, intellectual stimulation, deeper engagement & enhancement of work opportunities only motivates healthcare & allied professionals. However, very little infrastructure is available to leverage this potential. 

Potential ?🤔

Business development happens based on personal relationships and merit (of course), however, there are a plethora of capacities which get created in healthcare, but never find a marketplace to get discovered.

These include those related to Health tech, R&D, Healthcare real estate/infrastructure, surplus inventories of products & services, healthcare education, and NGOs or CSR wings. 

Healthcare in India is ripe for tech adoption, with several participants of the healthcare & allied ecosystem now finally accepting the digital domain as a channel that is worth the attention & time of decision-makers.

Not to forget, that as time evolves and the next generation takes over, many discovery functions will become less people-dependent and more technology / decentralized networks-dependent where reputation is the currency and visibility is the key driver of profitability.

In such an evolving dynamic, it is criminal to ignore initiatives /efforts /business models that, even if at a primary stage, are more open.

Healium is a new-age 360° Business Development & procurement mechanism for Healthcare & Allied Professionals & Businesses. We are an online platform that facilitates the assessment, automation and optimization of the sales processes. 

Our definition of B2B is inclusive of all non-patient transactions across segments & sub-segments of healthcare. 

Some examples include :

1. A doctor-to-doctor interaction medical equipment manufacturer-to-hospital interaction

2 . Healthcare service provider-to-hospital interaction

3. A pharma company driving its prescriptions through doctor relationships also falls under B2B interactions

4. A Linen manufacturer ( who probably has nothing to do with Healthcare) – to – Laboratory interaction (for uniforms) 

Even an individual that holds some real estate inventory – can sell their land to someone who wants to open their clinic! 

If you serve professionals & practitioners OR have customers other than the patients, you fit our definition of healthcare too.

Healium is not just an Intermediary, it is an Ecosystem!

We aim to generate open-source healthcare, which can be easily crowdsourced by one and all. 

We aspire to assemble a collaborative healthcare ecosystem for optimal utilization of resources & capacities. 

Our mission is to increase healthcare penetration & reach by modernising sales, distribution, purchasing, marketing, business development processes, and health channels and partnerships. 

Our blog is intended to help people understand who fits our description of Healthcare! We hope that you have found this blog post helpful!

If you think you are one of those mentioned above, please visit our website (Healium ) to see how we can help you develop your business in our ecosystem!