How can Healthcare Brands leverage Facebook for their Brand building?

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Disseminating information, debating health-care policy & practice issues, encouraging healthy behaviours, engaging with the public, and educating & interacting with patients, caregivers, students, and colleagues, among other things, are a few examples, to begin with!

The primary goal of each healthcare brand is to give the public accurate health information that only they can provide. People consume content on a regular basis on social media, so make sure you don’t lose out on communicating with the appropriate people at the right time through the right channel.

This may seem obvious, but creating a Facebook Page is an essential first step in establishing an internet presence. To get the most out of Facebook, don’t forget to fill out each element of your profile!

Engaging material for your audience will go a long way in the journey of building your brand. 

Posts like: 

Health tips / Hacks: Sharing health advice on your brand’s page. 

Health awareness days: Create the content on health issues that are relevant to the day’s events and post it to your Facebook profile – this creates a comprehensive feed for your brand. 

Campaigns: Create health-related advertisements that are closely tied to your specialisation or the main focus on which you have built your practice. Use creative videos, images, and other sorts of content to update your offline marketing on Facebook.

Blogs: It’s critical to communicate with your target audience in length and depth via PR updates via owned or paid media.

Videos: Video content is known to have the most audience engagement. Because – Jo Dikhta hai, vahi bikta hai! It has more virality, more scope for translating the message and of course, the audio adds to your merit!
Leverage Healthcare Communities! Being a part of forums or consumer support groups could be a useful activity for getting direct feedback on your products /

services. You could also create Customer Support channels where your TG can reach out to you directly for any assistance they require. 

Forming a network of like-minded people or brands that complement your organisation would not only help you with your business, but it could also result in future collaborations whenever opportunities arise. You can rely on them for support, and also have an active feed of engaging content to read, share, and discuss if you create a large network on Facebook. 

Not just to give information & upload the latest updates for YOUR brand, but staying connected through these communities & platforms also helps you obtain knowledge about the latest advancements in the businesses you are surrounded with. You can also observe and learn from your competitors’ mistakes so you stay one step ahead of the curve. 

Think about this – if your customer sees only text & information on your website and then sees an engaging, innovative & interesting social media profile which is easier to interact with, what do you think they’re more likely to engage with?

It’s simple really! Social media, and especially having a Facebook profile has become a Hygiene Factor for businesses today.

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