Voice of Customers for online healthcare portals

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Customers provide the voice of brands and nowhere is this more apparent than in healthcare. With the rise of online healthcare portals, it’s important for brands to listen to what customers are saying in order to improve the customer experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the ways that online healthcare portals can use the voice of the customer to improve the customer experience.

Voice of Customers (VoC) is integral to the success of any online healthcare portal. By understanding what patients and caregivers want and expect from their experience, we can create a portal that meets their needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the ways that VoC can help improve the user experience on healthcare portals.

Why are people not happy with online healthcare portals nowadays?

The healthcare portals were created to help people find information about their health and access their health records. However, many people are not happy with the portals because they are difficult to use and they do not always have accurate information.

Some people have also complained that the portals are not private and that they do not provide enough information about the health care providers.

Customers do not trust internet portals. In Healium, however, we use a virtual account system. We become the guardians of the buyers’ funds. We make sure the buyer’s money is safe until the promised service is delivered, and then we transfer the funds to the supplier’s account. The same is true for the supplier: we make certain that we receive payment from the customer so that payments are not delayed.

Let’s face it, healthcare is, at its core, a business. And, because doctors and other healthcare professionals are so focused on the customer (in this example, the patient), they rarely have time to focus on other elements of their business, such as clinic or practice business development or sales. This is where we come in – a platform that functions as an extension of their marketing efforts without requiring them to take time away from their daily operations such as consultations and patient treatments. As we Empower with the Power of Collaborations, we passionately believe in the Win-Win mentality. We provide opportunities for our members outside of their normal funnel. We broaden their horizons.

There are other solutions available, but these clients are simply unaware of them! They require something comprehensive, something that assists them in comprehending these opportunities, and something that is simple to implement. Or, even better, something in their native tongue! Healium is now working on its multilingual component, which will make the platform accessible to communities from all across the country!

In today’s congested industry, buying a domain and creating your own website isn’t enough to drive and convert a complete sales funnel! To keep everything operating, you’ll need a functioning website with the necessary Call to Action buttons and someone working full-time on the backend! Unless you work for a large corporation with an in-house digital staff, you should consider creating an online presence. However, if you don’t have that technology in-house, you’ll have to outsource it. Healium takes care of it for you for Rs.999! every year. We take care of your online presence, manage your Google listing, assist you with local SEO, and much more.