Use our nodal account services at a flat INR 1999 rupee fee.

Finding it hard to trust a new vendor ?

With your money ? With your time ? Most importantly, with your trust ?

Use our nodal account services.

We are offering you the option to shelter your payments towards purchasing healthcare product or service money into Healium’s nodal account. We become the custodians of your money before it is remitted to the vendor (or the seller), upon your confirmation of delivery (or as per terms of your service).

For this, you pay a flat fee of INR 1999 per unit or 4%, whichever is lower.

All you have to do is

  1. Ensure both the parties – seller and buyer are registered HERE

2. We’ll set up a product under the seller and send you the link.

3. You place an order for this product through the website and chose the Direct Bank Transfer while checking out.

4. Pay to your virtual account:

Account name: Healium Nodal Account

Account number: EHPLZ + 10 characters of your pan card.

eg. If your pan card is BJRPR2769R, your account number will be EHPLZBJRPR2769R

IFSC Code: IDFB0020101

Your account number is unique to your PAN card. This is your virtual account address in our nodal account.

Once received, the Vendor (Seller) will be intimated about the same. Once the order is fulfilled, the payment will be made by Healium to the vendor after the confirmation of the buyer within T+3 days.

These are unprecedented times.

You are in an emergency. You want to procure medicines, oxygen concentrators, home healthcare devices, others. In a bulk quantity. or a Small Quantity, but, with a huge value.

Your loved one is waiting for this “sanjeevani booti” that might save his / her life. Time is running out.

Or your company has entrusted you to procure oxygen concentrators on their behalf. To donate it to a hospital, an NGO, employees, or a group of residents.

But because the materials are moving in and out so fast, there’s no way establish trust.

Alas, it’s too late and the deal falls through.

Save time, save money, save lives!

Many of the orders we get for oxygen concentrators, called too late because they couldn’t make a decision about blocking their capital (not to forget, hard earned money in times of crises) to book a concentrator machine in time; and now they have to start the hunt all over again. We get it. There’s lack of trust. We don’t want to be stuck with a bad quality product, or no product, or fly by night operators who don’t stick to their commitment.

Here’s another option.

Pay a 100% advance to our nodal account.

The seller is ensured that you have full financial commitment to make the purchase as promised. And is not losing out on another potential buyer who’s ready to commit faster.

You are ensured that your money is safeguarded and will remain with the custodians, until either the product is delivered, and there’s a confirmation by the buyer to release the payment.