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  • Planning for Fiscal Strength in Changing Times July 23, 2021
    Healthcare executives are challenged to thrive within a quickly changing world and amid an evolving financial landscape. Learn what to expect from the Biden administration and the current environment of rapid-fire healthcare innovation, as well as optimal strategies to remain competitive and equipped to serve the country’s aging population.
  • Catholic Health Association supports COVID-19 vaccine mandates July 23, 2021
    The Catholic Health Association joined the dozens of associations and healthcare providers supporting or implementing COVID-19 vaccine mandates among their employees.
    Tara Bannow
  • $25,000 signing bonuses to hospital workers? Whatever it takes. July 23, 2021
    Nationwide, providers like Seniors Helping Seniors are offering hiring incentives and, in some cases, retention or referral bonuses to attract and retain staff and address a workforce shortage the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living is calling "a legitimate crisis."
    Ginger Christ
  • The high cost of temporary nurses forces providers to get creative July 23, 2021
    Hospitals must change the way they hire and staff units, focusing on mobilizing and reassigning existing employees—and on better pay and benefits.
    Mari Devereaux
  • Supporting staff with cloud-based asset tracking July 23, 2021
    It’s a daily struggle for staff: wandering hospital floors, trying to locate missing equipment when they need it most. 
    David Claire, Director of Customer Success, Midmark RTLS
  • Health data management tools raise $3.7B in the first half of 2021 July 23, 2021
    While most investor funding in the digital health sector goes toward consumer-focused companies, nearly a third went to companies that focus on providers and practices in 2021's second quarter.
    Jessica Kim Cohen
  • The Next Era for Telehealth July 23, 2021
    Telehealth is transforming how caregivers deliver care and how patients engage with providers. Though it was once positioned as an option of convenience, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed this modality to the forefront of the healthcare dialogue as a critical channel for care delivery. However, healthcare executives need to perfect the patient experience in this area, […]
  • Five insights into Encompass Health's growth strategy July 23, 2021
    Encompass Health is expanding by adding inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, forming partnerships with health systems and catering to a growing elderly population.
    Mari Devereaux
  • 'Don't you work with old people?': Many elder-care workers still refuse to get COVID-19 vaccine July 23, 2021
    Seven months after the first vaccines became available to medical professionals, only 59% of staff at the nation’s nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are fully or partially vaccinated — with eight states reporting an average rate of less than half, according to CMS data updated last week.
    Jenny Deam, Ryan Gabrielson and Bianca Fortis, ProPublica
  • Phoenix hospital system pleas for vaccination as cases rise July 23, 2021
    One of Arizona's biggest hospital systems renewed a call Thursday for people to get vaccinated, citing an increase in seriously ill COVID-19 patients in just a few weeks
    Associated Press