Our Story

Ever since I started visiting my father at PGIMER, Chandigarh after my school time (to be taken back home after his working time), the startling observation I made was the drove of patients waiting for their turn to see the doctor; it was a never-ending flow. Moreover, this was just one department! I completed my Masters in Pharmaceutics, left an unfinished PhD. from BITS Pilani fairly at a later stage to charter unknown territory of Central Asia, worked in the Pharmaceutical sector, at a myriad of positions, right from an apprentice to an MD. During this period, I had the privilege to witness many healthcare establishments first hand; I still note the same situation.

To think, the situation would change from a volume-based care to a value-based one, over time, you would not call it far-sightedness.

The healthcare environment not only in India, but even in the developed world, has always made us cringe. Under-utilization of resources, the urban-rural divide, lack of communication and awareness of interceptive and preventive medicine just skim through the current distressing situation of healthcare. The idea of devising an ecosystem where collaboration of health creates an acceptable domain of healthcare has always been a burning desire of many in the profession. Healium.io aims to remedy the situation. Healium.io aspires to create a sustainable environment for the businesses in healthcare through networking, awareness and a comprehensive use of resources.

At Healium.io, we believe in upgrading the service model and moving from a volume-based healthcare model to a value-based one where volumes grow manifold too. We want to connect all possible contributors of healthcare. Healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, research facilities, allied professionals. Everyone with a vested interest in healthcare is welcome on our platform. Servicing these domains to their best interests is vital for healthcare and a priority for Healium.io.

Healium.io is zealous to incorporate its company’s values while hiring employees. It is paramount that Healium.io’s employees share the vision, empathy and desire to improve the healthcare environment. We want to be a company that upholds the values of healthcare, for changing people’s perceptions and apprehensions about healthcare. Healium.io strives to be associated with bringing an air of freshness, transparency, innovation, directness and leadership in the healthcare field. We believe that Healium.io’s trajectory will be a reflection of the energy of our ideas and the nature of their execution. Healium.io has the sole aim of creating and preserving partnerships for health and making continuous attempts to live up-to the Vedic mantra of ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः । (may all be disease-free and enjoy good health)