3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen

Easy to Use & Safe for Kids:- Simply Plug-in the 3D Pen, Set the Desired Temperature & when the LED in the 3D Pen Turns Green

3D Printing Pen- Easy to Use & Safe for Kids:- Simply Plug-in the 3D Pen, Set the Desired Temperature & when the LED in the 3D Pen Turns Green, extrude to start your First 3D Model. Great for Both beginners and experienced 3D printing enthusiasts!!! The filament heats in the Pen body and cools before it comes out of the Nozzle, Hence very safe for kids. Our newly Designed Pen also has Auto Sleep Function wherein the Pen Goes into Sleep Mode if Left unused for Long Time & SLEEP is Displayed on the LCD Screen. Non-Clogging with High-Performance Motor:-

The Aircraft-Grade Ceramic nozzle can withstand High Temperatures & Its Inner Surface lining Being Extra Smooth, The PLA Filament Does not Cling to the inside of the Nozzle thus effectively reducing the risk of clogging of the Nozzle. And thanks to the high-quality motor with stable rotation speed and strong power, the output of the filament is stable and smooth. One Button Control & Adjustable Temperature / Speed:- Different from other 3D pens in the market, the 3D pen doesn?t need Continuous press of the button, but Gentle Press of the Button & the Filament Starts to Come Unless the Button is pressed again.

Variable Printing Temperatures with Adjustable Extrusion Speed with Advanced LCD screen clearly displaying the corresponding speed, it makes for a complete package. Abundant Accessories:- The 3D Drawing Pen is compatible with both 1.75mm PLA and ABS filaments. Adjustable speeds corresponding to different operating temperatures are intuitively displayed on the LCD screen. 3D Pen comes with a pack of 3 PLA filaments (Total 80 Meters), a Pen holder, a Power Adapter. Safe To Use:- 3D printing Pen is Manufactured from Eco-Friendly ABS Material and is supplied with Premium PLA Filament Refills that are non-toxic, non-irritating, and 100% derived from Plants. It offers better scald prevention with 2020 upgraded features of Intelligent Temperature Control with fast heat Dissipation Technology.

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Protomont Technologies emerged from the collaborative efforts of the founders in 2020, both the founders shoulder an enormous experience in the world of 3D Printing. Protomont Technology aims to craft your vision with creativity, empowering ideas & unleashing imaginations. We endeavor to be your trusted printing partner with all kinds of 3D printers, spare parts, 3D filaments, 3D scanners. As 3D printing represents another accomplishment and exponential growth of human technology, we propel diverse businesses, giving potential opportunities to engineers,designers, architects, educators, medical researchers, and innovators to realize and visualize their ideas and bring them into reality. We not only craft your vision…but also bring your epiphanies to life with 3D technology !! Once the customer places the order, we shall contact the customer to confirm the order. Once the customer confirms the order, we shall go ahead and place the order immediately. After the confirmation, customer cannot cancel the order in principle. Customer can still reach us if he wants to cancel the order after confirmation. It shall be the right of Protomont Technologies to accept refusal of the order. Protomont Technologies reserves the right to refund of payment of such order(s) after deduction of expenses on account of the customer. All decision by Protomont Technologies shall be final and binding on the customer. If the order has been processed and ready for delivery, in such case, return of products shall be denied by Protomont Technologies unless the product is sold to another fulfilling customer. No return / refund or cancellation of order shall be accepted on ground of delay due to customs clearance, manufacture’s delay in production, shipment delays, force majeure and / or delay due to Act of God and / or delays not envisaged by Protomont Technologies. checked) the cancellation message.