Alpine Hearing Protection WorkSafe Earplugs

Alpine Hearing Protection WorkSafe Earplugs

1,088.00 (Incl. of GST)

Protect up to 27 dB
Extremely comfortable due to soft AlpineThermoShape material
Convenient compact carrying case
No silicone, Reusable
Can be worn throughout the day when working, engaging in DIY work

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With Alpine WorkSafe hearing protectors, you are ready to get down to work. You can mow the lawn and drill, saw, grind, sand and hammer in and around the house in exceptional comfort with these special earplugs. The unique AlpineAcousticFilters protect against harmful noise, but you can still communicate effectively and you still hear alarm sounds. Ideal for every DIY enthusiast that takes their safety and their hearing seriously. A great many people work in excessive noise daily or regularly. This group is at a high risk of hearing damage. If you work in excessive noise, it is essential to wear proper hearing protection.

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