Anesthesia Apparatus- URJA MINT

Anesthesia Apparatus- URJA MINT

588,000.00 (Incl. of GST)

Anesthesia Apparatus- URJA MINT has 5 Tube Rotameter, Hypoxia, ORC for Low Flow Anesthesia with cylinders attachment for O2 &N2O. DISS Fitting for O2, N2O & Air.

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Anesthesia Apparatus- URJA MINT

Reuben’s Anesthesia Apparatus
With Std. Accessories [ Model:- Urja Mint] With Autoclavable Circle Absorber
With Ventilator & Vaporiser

RATE:Rs. 50,000/-


* Important Highlights:
   Specification Of Anesthesia Apparatus- URJA MINT

  • UrjaMint Anesthesia Workstation with the following parameter
  •  5 Tube Rotameter, Hypoxia, ORC for Low Flow Anesthesia with cylinders attachment for O2 &
    N2O & central supply inlet for oxygen O2, N2O & Air.
  •  DISS Fitting for O2, N2O & Air.
  • System on/off switch & Ventilator driving gas Selecta switch
  • Hospitech provides proximal sensors wherein the measurement of set tidal volume & delivered
    tidal volume is displayed on the screen & also help determine the exact delivered and set
    parameters after the Patient.
  • Ancillary flowmeters for oxygen is provided by standard accessories
  • Attachment for compressed medical air for driving the ventilator and Air oxygen mixture from
    rotameter for the patient is possible, hence reduces the use of N2O oxide theatre pollution &
    reduces the consumption of O2 by 80 %.
  • Two drawers working tabletop and Top shelf.
    Anesthesia Ventilator :
  • Features :
  • 6.1” Tft Color Display
  • Application:, Pediatric And Adults
  • Tidal Volume Setting 50 -1500ml
  • Ventilation Modes: VCV,PCV, Manual / Spontaneous mode
  • Friendly User Interface, Display Paw-T, Flow-T Curve
  • Built-In Active Expiratory Peep Valve: Built-In Battery for 2 hours
  • Easily Removable And Serializable Flow Sensor Module
    Measurement :
  • Pressure Values: Ppeak, Plat, Pmean, Pmin, Peep
  • Volume/Flow Values: Vt1, Vte, Mv,Mvspont
  • Ftotal, Fspn, I:E, Rinsp, Cdyn
  • Pressure- Volume, Volume-Flow waveforms
    Alarms :
  • Mv, Paw, Vte, Rate, Fio2, Mains Failure, Battery Low, Battery Discharged,
  •  O2 Supply Failure, Apnea, Circuit Occlusion.
    Battery: * 2 hours

Autoclavable Circle System :

RATE: Rs. 50,000/-

  • With Circle On/Off switch
  • Bi –Stable Bag / Ventilator selector switch.
  • Designed for Low flow with 1 ltr capacity
  • Single lever mechanism for changing soda lime during operation without disconnecting patient.
  • Entire unit with patient bellows system Autoclavable @ 134 deg. Centigrade

Tec Vaporizer :

RATE: Rs. 65,000/-

  • Approximately Weight 5 Kg.
  • Volume At Max Mark: 250ml. Nominal Volume At
    Min Mark: 35+10ml.
    After Draining, Approximately
    60+10ml Of Liquid Is Retained By The Wick.
  • Operating Flow Range: 0.2 To 15 Litres/Min.
  • Operating Temperature Range: 15 To 35oc (58 To 95of)
  • 0.2% To 5 %
  • Presumes Ten Year Product Life Requiring No Preventive Maintenance Service. It Is Recommended That A Service Is Carried Out At Ten Years. Halothane Vaporizers Require A Five-Year Service.
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