Autoclavable Nanovesicular Composition(Patent granted: 341360)

Autoclavable Nanovesicular Composition(Patent granted: 341360)

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An autoclavable nanovesicular composition for effective delivery of an active
ingredient by different routes particularly, ocular and parenteral delivery

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Autoclavable nanovesicular composition

Specifications of Autoclavable nanovesicular composition

• Comprising a first aqueous phase and a second organic phase wherein said
aqueous phase comprises reagent selected from a group comprising of a
thermoplastic polymer(s) with repeat polyoxyethylene units, propylene glycol(s) or
combination(s) thereof while said organic phase comprises surfactant with HLB
ranging from 2 to 5, and active ingredient is present in said aqueous phase or
organic phase based on its solubility and entrapment tendency.


• Can withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles and autoclaving
• High permeation and capacity to reach viable skin layers & internal eye tissue.
• Suited to be developed as long-acting (once a week formulation) eye drops or
implant (once in three months sub-conjunctival injection

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