Blood Gas Chemistry Aanalyzer

Blood Gas Chemistry Aanalyzer

Blood Gas Chemistry Aanalyzer

Small and portable, Small size (315*238*153mm), Light weight<4 kg (including battery), Build-in high capacity rechargeable battery, Friendly User Interface, Color LCD touch screen display, ?traffic light? indicator, Build-in multimedia tutorials, Unique smart cartridge design, Single use cartridge with multi tests, Safety and Environment protection, Long cartridge storage life at room temperature, Convenient operation, accurate and reliable results, Standby without battery consumption and complete maintenance free, Fast, accurate and convenient build-in auto calibration, Auto sample aspiration assures convenience and reliability, Powerful Data Management, USB ports for data transfer, 10,000 patient data storage, Optional data management software, Seamless integration with LIS/HIS through wired or wireless, networking.

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