Board Meetings : Virtual Conference

Board Meetings : Virtual Conference

177,000.00 (Incl. of GST)

To take your conference a notch higher, you need an industry veteran, a technology partner and not just a vendor. We have had a tryst with successful events for over a decade now. We use our rich experience and understanding of the events industry to create unbeatable attendee experience for your conferences. Moreover, we make sure that your journey as an event organiser with ibentos is not just trouble-free but exciting and fun. With endless choices of online conference platforms on the internet, choose a technology partner who can create a lasting experience for you and your customers.

We understand the importance of hooking the audience in a virtual scenario. Therefore, we create world-class interactive events that drive your audience to enjoy your conferences and sessions for hours together. What’s more, we understand what it takes to bring partners and sponsors on board for an event and therefore, we make sure that your partners get ample branding opportunities before and during your conference.

Pricing in USD, converted to INR. 1 USD = 75 INR.
Specific customizations chargeable.

Experimental Conferences with a 3D Virtual Design accessible on desktop as well as mobile device.
Secure Meetings and Conferences with the facility of running them on your domain.
Customization specific to your brand requirements, might be chargeable separately depending on what module you want to add.
Any number of attendees from 100-100000 to attend the conferences.
We provide ample branding opportunities to organizers in the event industry.
Low Bandwidth Access that helps visitors to connect/attend any event.
Live Q&A feature enables attendees to directly put forward their questions to the speaker during a LIVE conference.
Screen sharing option to the speakers of the event be it a presentation, PDF or a video.
A Resource Center for the organizers to make available all the important material for attendees.
E-commerce Integration for adding a payment gateway.
Dedicated Technical Emcee as technical moderators throughout the event.
Live Support Staff over phone calls, emails and text messages.
Marketing Integration for taking care of all marketing for the event.
Gamification feature to enable you to reward the attendees of the event.
To-do or Not to-do checklists for attendees to have utmost conference experience.
Pre-Event Speaker Rehearsals to have a glitch-free event.
Recorded videos of the event after the completion of the event.
Feedback Integration to judge the quality and content of various parameters.
Program Schedule for all event attendees.
Create automated E-Certificates of Participation for attendees in no time.
Attendee analysis enable you to determine the behavior of any attendee.
Social Media Integration to Live-Stream events on multiple social media platforms.
Events Notify Feature to improve the lead conversion rates.
Dedicated Account manager and advisor for your conference.

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