Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

Many women are relieved or excited to be finished with breast cancer treatment. But it can also be a time of worry for women who fear their cancer could come back, or who feel lost without the same level of care from their cancer care team.
Even after you have completed breast cancer treatment, your doctors will want to watch you closely. It’s very important to go to all of your follow-up appointments. During these visits, your doctors will ask if you are having any problems and may do exams and lab tests or imaging tests to look for signs of cancer or treatment side effects.

We offer reconstruction service to patients to make them feel as normal as possible and restore their body image and confidence after mastectomy.
The breast mound can be recreated by the use of prosthesis (silicone implants) or by using the patients own body tissues called flap reconstruction.
The esthetic results are long lasting and excellent. The nipple and areola are reconstructed in a staged manner.
What is screening?
Screening is the evaluation of normal women for breast cancer using mammograms. It detects stage 0 and stage 1 cancers.
How Important is screening
Early detection of cancer makes treatment simpler and saves lives. Patients live longer and happier. 10 yr survival rates for screen detected cancer-90-
Breast Screening
High frequency ultrasound is used for diagnosis and also used to guide interventional procedures.

Benefits of ultrasound

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PFRC Prashanth Institute of Andrology - As parenting plays a vital and pivotal role in the life of every parents, PFRC is committed to ameliorate the pain and mental strain of the parents in the entity of making them to have a child in their family to beget happiness. The first and foremost vision of PFRC is to chide away the worries of the parents relating to the childlessness condition that makes their life deplorable. It is not the medical treatment alone that gives them the solace, but the counseling and the confidence that are being given to the parents by PFRC go a long way in getting them relieved of the long prevailed and disgusting way of life. It is to be remembered that in a family whether it is big or small, the women chief mostly the mother of the children should have vivid mental agility fused with the impulses of wellness and happiness otherwise she would not be in a position to gear the activities of the family on the right lines. As such, taking into consideration of the goodness of the women in all respects, PFRC assigns the utmost importance for the health and agility of the women chief of the family. And if she is left without the bliss of a child, her ambitions will not be fulfilled and the family is not complete without it.

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