Cardic treatment

Cardic treatment

Heart Diseases have become common complaints among many given the changes in our lifestyles and easy ways of moving around these days. Carotid artery disease is a condition in which the carotid arteries become narrowed or blocked. When the arteries become narrowed, the condition is called carotid stenosis.The carotid arteries provide the main blood supply to the brain. They are located on each side of your neck. You can feel the pulse under the jawline. In case of Carotid Stenosis, the blood flow to the brain gets hampered and this can even cause stroke.
Risk factors for blockage or narrowing of the arteries include:
Alcohol abuse Diabetes
High blood pressure cholesterol
Increasing age
Smoking (people who smoke one pack a day double their risk of a stroke)
Heart Attacks / Heart Stroke / Heart Diseases / Cardiac Arrest / Cardiac Disease / Cardiovascular Disease / etc.

Prevention Tips for Heart Attacks / Heart Stroke / Heart Diseases / Cardiac Arrest / Cardiac Disease / Cardiovascular Disease:
Stop smoking
Maintain/reduce weight
Control blood pressure.
Undergo cholesterol control
Did you Know that 75-30% of all Cardiac STROKES are associated with blockages in the carotid arteries—and are preventable.
With aims to make treatments of medical tourists or naïve patients who travel too far seeking cure in India, Treataid India (Harinder Medicare Solutions Pvt Ltd) has made it a vision to assist medical treatments of patients desiring to get treatment in India.Cardiac Disease Treatment Process In India
Our team will pre analyze your Heart Disease / Cardiac Disease Medical Reports and then further forward it to among best available cardiologists or specialists doctors across India.
Post detailed analysis by Cardiac specialists and Cardiac Doctors in India which have been working in esteemed Cardiac Hospitals and have years of established reputation of treating Heart Diseases in India; we would get best quotes from five Cardiac Hospitals. These quotes will include total estimated expense of cardiac treatment, cardiac treatment, number of days stay; Address and other details of respective cardiac hospitals in India, cardiac surgery cost in India, cardiac disease reports, cardiovascular disease treatment suggestions, and heart disease surgery details, etc.
The patient will be given complete time, choice and counseling to pick the right service depending on his/ her budget and options.

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