Logistics Consulting in the US – As per scope

Logistics Consulting in the US – As per scope

4,350.00 2,175.00

For any unique supply chain problem, we are here to provide our tailor-made consulting services. We have a wide network of industry experts and seasoned supply chain veterans and can help solve any problem or help point you in the right direction to cement a long term supply chain strategy.

  • We can provide consulting at both onshore and offshore rates depending on the scope of the project and the option of remote working.
  • We have years of experience amongst our team working with different stakeholders in the logistics industry.
  • We can provide knowledge on the best practices and the common mistakes to avoid losing business.
  • We can also help with big data analysis to find the root causes to large problems with your supply chain.
  • We can help implement our recommendations onsite with your team and get you back to a position of growth and profitability.

Rates reflected below are chargeable per hour of consulting. Based on the estimate of total working hours required on your scope of work, they can be converted into a project as well.

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Karma Logistical Services

We are an Offshore Logistical Management Firm, specializing in the North American market for Indian brands. Examples of our work and hours it would take : 1) Initial Logistics consulting to identify scope – 2-3 hours 2) Logistics consulting and implementation projects – As per the scope of work 3) Truck booking, tracking and coordination of single shipment – 2-3 hours 4) Day to Day Order and Inventory Management – 8 hours per day 5) Tracking and tracing of all shipments every morning – 3 hours 6) Warehouse search, negotiation, and transfer of inventory – 15-20 hours

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