The Sarvodaya Centre for Dialysis & Kidney Transplant works as a cohesive unit along with the Institute of Laser Urological Surgeries at Sarvodaya Hospital, to deliver comprehensive healthcare services to our patients. We understand your health is important and thus we have equipped our centre with the latest technology, advanced medical facilities and best Nephrologists or kidney doctors, for whom your kidney health is a priority. We offer the most advanced diagnostics, comprehensive pre-operative evaluation, dialysis support & complete post-operative care to minimize chances of infection.
We provide comprehensive care across a spectrum of kidney diseases. The department’s transplant facilities are engineered to deliver quality care and successful outcomes even in ABO-incompatible transplants. Our team of experienced doctors are recognised for their superior clinical skills and the complete team are passionate & ready to meet the challenges of treating all categories of patients from children to elders. We provide dialysis services driven by an efficient team of nephrologists, nurses, certified haemodialysis technicians & registered dieticians and have multiple dialysis centres in other parts of Delhi NCR as well, to expand our range of medical care.
The Nephrology centre provides comprehensive services for all modalities of renal therapy but the main areas of expertise include Acute Renal Failure, Glomerular Diseases, Kidney Transplant & various forms of Dialytic Therapies. There is no exclusion based on infectious diseases, standard precautions are used to treat all. We have a separate Dialysis Centre dedicated for the Nephrology Department at Sarvodaya Hospital, which is a 23-bedded facility with the latest features.

Diagnostic Facilities: The Centre for Dialysis & Kidney Transplant offers a comprehensive medical solution to all kidney ailments complemented by excellent, comprehensive diagnostic facilities that makes the hospital a centre known for Total Kidney Care.
Haemodialysis Unit: This unit has 4 dialysis stations with separate stations for Hepatitis B patients. The patients under a dialysis prescription generally require two or three treatments per week for 3 or 4 hours in each session. We are equipped with the best to provide them the best treatment.
Critical Haemodialysis Unit: The Haemodialysis unit also has the facility for continuous monitoring of the sick patient through highly sophisticated monitors throughout the dialytic procedure. Regular Heat clean disinfection of haemodialysis machines after every shift is practised for patient safety. Bedside Dialysis facility is available and routinely performed in ICU for critically ill patients through CRRT(Continuous renal replacement therapy) and HDF-SLED along with a highly trained intense care team.
Dialysis Centre: We have a dedicated 23-bedded Dialysis centre with a specialized HD for Kidney Transfer Unit (KTU). We understand the critical health condition of the patients who go under the kidney transfer process and thus our KTU is equipped with HEPA filters to provide the cleanest possible air supply in the unit and maintain hygiene.
Laboratory Facilities: Our well-equipped laboratory provides comprehensive facilities under one roof. Here we offer a range of tests including Urine Analysis, Complete Renal Function Test including Blood Urea, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Serum Creatinine, Serum Phosphorus, Protein/Albumin ratio, 24Hrs Urine for Protein, Creatinine Clearance, Urine Culture, Lipid profile & Micro Albumin.
Imaging Facilities: Our imaging department offers state-of-the-art facilities such as a Digital X-ray, Ultrasound & CT Scan. We also offer a Kidney Biopsy facility, done under real-time sonography guidance, with a hospital stay of one day only.

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Sarvodaya Healthcare

Sarvodaya Healthcare, A unit of Anshu Hospitals Limited, over the years, has grown into a 'centre of excellence, commanding the respect of its peers, trust of its patients and complete commitment of its team. Today – with a capacity of 300 beds, a fully operational super-speciality wing, a gamut of world-class services and facilities, proactive stress of cutting-edge R&D and continuous learning, and a professional team focused on delivering exceptional care with a personal touch - we are amongst the finest health care destinations in Delhi NCR, and certainly the most preferred in Faridabad.Vision To position Sarvodaya as a healthcare leader with a focus on Affordability and Medical Excellence. Mission Sarve Santu Niramaya - Good Health for All

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