Diamond Packet Machine

Diamond Packet Machine

Automatic Paper Folding Machine

Automatic Paper Folding Machine,Both Even and Uneven Folding Patterns are Possible,Handles Various Paper Sizes
Maximum Paper Size
152 X 190 mm,Minimum Paper Size
108 X 140 mmHandles Various Paper thickness

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Pratham Technologies Pvt Ltd

Pratham Technologies Pvt Ltd, was founded in 1988 and is the number one supplier of small paper folding machines in India by market share. The key to our success is undoubtedly our world class product quality and efficient after sales service. More than 60% of our clients repeat sale with us every year. We boast an employee force who are energetic, loyal and dedicated and always hungry for innovation. Pratham Technologies Pvt Ltd sales have doubled over the last 3 years, and we’ve expanded worldwide. Innovation is our passion and every year we invest major portion of our earnings in new products and technologies. Outserts folding machines are the recent examples of our diversified efforts to innovate. We have about 40+ different technologies developed so far which can be used in various sectors of print finish and packaging.

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