Docuphi Document Management Software

Docuphi Document Management Software

AI & ML Driven Document Management Software Designed to Empower Hospitals to Deliver Enhanced Patient Care.
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Tailored to power hospital’s Document-centric Processes.

Document processing:

1) Document Scanning & Indexing

Digitize patient information through a simple single step scanning and automatically map the records to the relevant pre-defined index categories.

  • Manual Processing
  • Barcode Processing
  • Auto Processing

2) Quality Check

Review, approve, reject and update documents at QC stage. Ensure proper archiving of documents by preventing inaccurately scanned documents.

3) Faster & More Flexible Document Search

Search, locate and retrieve files and patient information digitally using indexes as search functions.


  • One Integrated Application:- Work on a single platform to manage all your consultation workflows end-to-end, digitally. No need to switch to multiple software for different needs
  •  Centralised Access to Patient Record Repository :-  Data integration with every department, makes it possible for doctors to view any patient data in real-time. Diagnostic reports from laboratories and radiology department can be accessed centrally
  • Compare Patient Files :-  Analyze patient health trend or improvement journey digitally by simply comparing 2 files of a patient across different episodes to offer faster and improved treatment

  • Maintain Patient Data Privacy :- Treat and manage confidential case files separately. Mark such files as confidential to restrict others in organisation from accessing them.

  • Digital Discussion Forum :- Connect, collaborate and discuss patient case, and share files for case review digitally, on DocuPHI’s central discussion forum

  • Patient Tagging & Document Annotation :- Tag your patient with a desired identification of your choice or annotate on a patient documents to search them quickly using the tags or annotation

  • Data Analytics for Research Studies :- Get auto-generated analysis of medical data in the form of MIS reports and graphical representations helpful in research studies.


  • Digital Ledger for Patient’s Physical Files :- Scanning multiple cabinets for files is downright tedious, with DocuPHI maintain a digital log of the exact placement of your files and use smart search to locate the required files instantly.

  • Receive Digital File Request :- Allow doctors and other staff members to request patient files pertaining to any department, digitally. Configure notifications to receive requests and deliver files digitally.

  • Rules Engine for File Viewing Rights :- Limit staff access to documents and keep restricted information secure from unauthorised views. Configure File Viewing Rights at group or individual level for your staff.

  • Digital Activity Log :-Never lose track of any activity within your MRD, track and monitor all activities in DocuPHI activity log. Identify loop-holes and opportunities to improve document management.

  • Scan Vendor Bill Generation :- Automatically generate vendor invoices of scanned images with pre-set scanning cost. Get a detailed bill with accurate count of scanned and rejected images.

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