Educational Institute Impact Expectations of ISO 45001 OHSMS

Educational Institute Impact Expectations of ISO 45001 OHSMS

Institute will have system to understand details about what are the risks related to occupational hazards faced while working in different areas like LAB, Play Ground ,Computers etc.
There will be regular audits performed for electrical and fire safety and no action plan is made in case there are some non-compliances detected wrt Electricity ACT or fire NOC.
Emergency communication will be available and an emergency response plan in place.
Safety related training will be given to all staff.
Incident management ,list of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions will get defined to take necessary action as and when required.

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Medical history of all the staff and students will be available to be able to handle medical emergencies.
Safety regulations and usage of PPE –(Personal protective equipment) as per the working conditions will get displayed. Quality of PPE reviewed.
Quality of Air, Water given for drinking will be tested periodically to ensure it is safe to drink.
Quality of Food given will be having testing about safety or safe to eat ,as one may have choice of taste but one cannot have choice on safety of food served .
Hazards related to each work area will get identified as they can pose risk if not attended properly.

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