Educational Institute Impact Expectations of ISO 9001 QMS

Educational Institute Impact Expectations of ISO 9001 QMS

Institute will have system to understand details about what are the Operational risks related to various processes covering Admission ,Account ,Teaching, Library ,Sports, canteen and other functional areas and have mitigation plan in place .
Each process to have measurable targets which are SMART Statistical, Measurable,Achievable,Recordable and time bound and reporting system for the same to Management.
Industries coming for campus interview will have assurance about the system followed by the institutions are in accordance with ISO 9001 .
QMS related training will be given to all staff/students.
With proper communication system ,Parent and associated contract staff will have clear direction about Institute working.

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Every employee at all levels will have the job profile defined and have clarity of interaction involved between the internal processes to ensure internal and external customer satisfaction.
Each resource will have maintenance and utility data recorded for review purpose .
Student will be aware of the QMS principles and will find it as great asset during selection process or campus interview stage.
Regular audits will be performed to know the implementation level and timely corrective actions will be taken.
Effective documentation will take place for each activity of all the processes followed during the working and that will help in achievement of multiple accreditations and also working will be more system based rather than individual based.
With ISO certification, Institute is able to approach high ranking Universities for collaborative courses or joint ventures as it gives assurance that all the working processes are system driven.

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