Educational Institute – ISO Implementation Course

Educational Institute – ISO Implementation Course

Today all the Educational world is having one major issue to address and that Is about the no of vacant seats for many courses offered by the institute on regular basis with increasing numbers.
In today’s time , educational quality is directly measured in terms of campus recruitments or placement offered to the students rather than knowledge ,staff quality ,infrastructure and reputation of the institute .
As education is directly linked to the earning capacity it can generate, parents who are the consumers from the society are not willing to spend money and time on courses and colleges whose market value is not acceptable to the industrial world.
In present market situation, students are more inclined to make an attempt for those industrial jobs which has good reputation and are having brand value for long term career.

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In order to get selected in such Branded industries, one is expected to have some knowledge of the ISO management system certifications apart from core segment as most of the reputed business units are certified for various ISO certifications as per their business requirements and expect that student need to know about the same in order to have effective contributions after getting involved in the system.
Presently there are no courses available for understanding effective implementation for various ISO std. run by industry experts or team who has worked in the industry having efficient working system, in order to bridge this gap, we are introducing the ISO implementation course which will cover ground level working as a team member to contribute successfully in the continual improvement plan of any organization.
In case Management is keen to offer this unique opportunity to their students kindly forward your details to our office through consultancy request form to plan accordingly


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