EP 400 ? Standard Model

EP 400 ? Standard Model

Two Way Discharge Chute for Good Tablet and Automatic Startup / Stop Tablet Rejection with Settable time duration
Tablet parameter control through sieko dial mounted hand knobs from outside the machine
Auto sampling of 1st layer tablet in bi layer mode
Auto hard tablet sampling of the 1st layer
10.4?? HMI with High memory capacity and faster monitor speeds & Multi-language support
Swing Arm mounted Control Panel includes:
SMART Touch Screen HMI
Mode Selector Switch for SETUP / OFF / RUN
START / STOP Switches
Emergency Stop

General Specification
Turret with Electroless Nickel Plating for corrosion resistance
Double Paddle Force Feeder with Clockwise & Counter Clockwise rotation of paddles
Compression rollers tonnage capacity of 20kN/2Tons for Pre 100kN/10Tons for Main
Segmented type double walled Cams design for easy Maintenance & change over
Tool-less HOPPER Stainless Steel (SS-316) fitment with tri-clover joint with Powder Control Valve
PULL DOWN CAM Alloy Steel (EN353) for reduced dust generation during upper punch entry
BI-LAYER attachment with Online Auto Sampling of 1st layer thru’ touch screen (Optional)
‘TOOL SAFE’ overload system (Optional)

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