Fine Art For Hospitals

Fine Art For Hospitals

Reach out to Shailesh Parwatkar for getting Fine Art commissioned for your hospital and healthcare setting interiors.

In 2006 a Department of Health Working Group on Arts and Health reported that the arts have ‘a clear contribution to make and offer major opportunities in the delivery of better health, wellbeing and improved experience for patients, service users and staff alike’. We conclude that art in hospitals is generally viewed positively by both patients and staff.
Lankston, Louise et al. “Visual art in hospitals: case studies and review of the evidence.” Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine vol. 103,12 (2010): 490-9. doi:10.1258/jrsm.2010.100256

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Design Array

Ar. Shailesh Parwatkar & Ar. Rashmi Parwatkar; the director-partners are qualified architects with specialization interiors, exhibitions and events. Design Array, an avid practice is nor the art of curving the line, dotting spaces but a laboratory of using the unusual for the usual. While the focus of an architect is to build structures, Design Array concentrates on the ambience. While most build from the inside, their forte is to build from the outside, moving towards the soul of the exhibit.

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