Fit Kids

Fit Kids

25,000.00 (Incl. of GST)

  • This training programme will be conducted for children from 8-16 years old.
  • They will be trained by expertise medical professionals to tackle emergency medical situations and provide immediate help to anyone in need.
  • Important methods like CPR, applying plaster to a cut, oxygen first aid, burns, bites, etc. will be inculcated in children.
  • Under the Fit India Movement, Fit Kids is a separate segment for kids. In this, children will also be educated on how to lead a healthy life. The program aims to guide children towards adopting healthy lifestyle habits especially when it comes to their diet and sleep schedules.
  • This will stimulate children to share this knowledge in their schools and locality, garnering more children and adults to be a part of the FIT India Movement and becoming a helping hand to society.
  • Fit Kids also focuses on solving children’s health issues and queries.
  • Under the campaign, the children who complete their training will be certified with the Little Doctor training certificate.
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Fit Kids is a certified Little Doctor First Aid training program for children in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First-Aid emergency situations.

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