Fluorohex Gel

Fluorohex Gel

Fluorohex Gel, Fluorohex Gel is for assured prevention and treatment of Pre/Post Implant and oral Infections.

Fluorohex Gel is for assured prevention and treatment of Pre/Post Implant and oral Infections. It protects gums, teeth and restorations by maintaining the health of the gingiva and the oral mucous membrane. 3. Fluorohex Gel is particularly recommended as a support during the therapy of patients with the inflammation of the mucous membrane, the gingival or periodontal tissues.

Composition: Oral healthcare gel containing chlorhexidine and Fluoride. Indication: 1. Gingivitis 2. Periodontics 3. Pre/Post Implant and Dental Stomatitis.Product benefit: 1. By providing Fluoride, Fluoro hex Gel Protects the natural teeth. 2. It reduces bacterial counts and prevents oral infections. 3. It reduces counts of Mutant Streptococci (M.S. ) and maintains oral hygeins during post implant period. 4. Prevents bad odor. 5. Pleasant test. 6. Prevents and treats demineralization, caries and cavities.

How to use: 1. Direct application at the site of infection. 2. It is easy to use. The Fluoro hex Gel is applied directly to the gingival and mucous. 3. An interdental brush is used to apply the Fluoro hex Gel in proximal areas. Packing: 1 X 40 gms.

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