In partnership with one of the finest medical gastroenterology departments in the country, the department of General Surgery & Surgical Gastroenterology provides comprehensive state of art, multidisciplinary management of digestive diseases. This combination is well backed by excellent conventional & interventional radiology, oncology, pathology, and stoma clinic services.

What do we treat

The SGE facility is manned by highly trained surgeons with experience of international repute and is provided with top of line operation rooms, anesthesia and pain management services, intensive care unit and minimal access surgery technology.

 Surgery for ulcerative colitis

 Rectal Cancer

 Lower GI bleed

 Colon Cancer

 Stomach Cancer

 GIST( Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor)

 Refractory Peptic Ulcer

 Bleeding and Perforations

 Intestinal fistulae


 Postoperative Adhesive Obstruction

 Strictures and Tumors of small bowel

 Cancer of Esophagus

 Achalasia Cardia

 Hiatal Hernia

 Gallbladder Cancer

 Bile Duct Cancers

 Pancreas Cancer

 Bile Duct Cancer

 Other Bile Duct Diseases

 Metabolic Liver Diseases

 Pancreatic Cancer and Spleen Cancer Surgery

 Esophageal Cancer


 Laparoscopic surgery for stomach

 Small Intestine

 Colon and Rectal Cancer

 Hydatid cyst and Cancer of liver

 Surgery on the Spleen and Adrenal

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PSRI Hospital A Multi Speciality Hospital

PSRI A Multi Speciality Hospital is a multi-speciality institute of national & international repute. PSRI hospital is famous for its ambience, quality of care and high-level patient satisfaction. The state-of-the-art facilities coupled with the latest equipment and renowned consultants ensure that patients from NCR, various states of India and foreign countries come for highly specialized tertiary level treatment. PSRI Hospital was established in the year 1996 as South East Asia’s first and India’s foremost institute providing advanced and comprehensive medical and surgical treatment for digestion-related diseases. Since its inception, many more specialities have been added and presently it is a multi-speciality Hospital. Promoted by the JK Group one of the leading business houses in India, PSRI Hospital was established in 1996 to provide curative and preventive medical care through a caring environment.

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