Gogarg by Viviaan Pharma

Gogarg by Viviaan Pharma

Gogarg by Viviaan Pharma

Gogarg by Viviaan Pharma is a U.S. Patented formulation, having worldwide acceptance ideal for Soar-Throat, Cough & Cold.

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Gogarg by Viviaan Pharma

Gogarg by Viviaan Pharma is ideal for  Soar-Throat, Cough & Cold. The common cold, also known simply as a cold, is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the respiratory mucosa of the nosethroatsinuses, and larynx.
With a rich industry experience of more than a decade, we offer our clients a wide range of Pharmaceutical Products that include Ayurvedic Medicines, Ras, Syrups, Tablets, Capsules, Chooran, and Oil. Arshocap by Viviaan Pharma is anti-inflammatory and its laxative action helps to improve the condition.
Formulated by following specified industrial norms, all our products are certified to ensure purity, industry-relevant pH value, and accurate composition. For effective formulation, we are empowered with a robust infrastructure and a well-trained team of pharmacists and chemical experts to offer our clients a highly effective range of formulations. To maintain optimum quality, we follow a rigorous quality management system that begins at the procurement stage and continues till the final dispatch. Owing to our ethical business practices and competitive pricing policy, we have garnered the trust of innumerable clients.

Quality Assurance :
We take great pride in stating that we make no compromise on the quality aspect. The experts design these policies after understanding the market scenarios. Also, the policies are revised on a regular basis to remain in a market-leading position.

Our Team :
Having the support from a well-knit team of experts, the company has won a preferred market position. The experts were hired after deep market analysis so as to be sure of their competence level and utilize the same to bring the best to the patrons.

Why Us?
There are many others working in similar domains like ours, but we have attained a trusted market standing by owing to the factors listed below:

  • No compromise on quality
  • Tailored product offering
  • Use of advanced techniques
  • Competitive pricing policies
  • Credible client servicing solutions


Haridra Curcumiene act as anti-bacterial.
Alum Act as chealating agent,
Sodium Chloride 260 mg.
Clove oil 12.5 mg.
Eucalyptus Oii 12.5 mg.
Peppermint Oil 12.5 mg.
Menthol 10 mg.
Excipient Q.S.
Essential oils Helps in improving condition & gives soothening effect.
Glycerrhiza Helps in soothening & expectorant.
Presentation 5gms pouch, 10 pouches pack

Gargling Powder For Soar-Throat, Cough & Cold.

A U.S. Patented formulation, having world-wide acceptance.

Instructions For Use  :

Dissolve the powder in warm-water & gargel

3 or 4 times  a day with  warm solution.


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