GX 125

GX 125

Granurex machines ideal for Commercial & high production capacities

Granurex machines ideal for Commercial & high production capacities

Single processing system from Wet granulation to Drying

Multi-Functional Rotor Processor, MOV-A-BLO designed to deliver dry air directly into the product bed & High efficient Tangential Spray Gun unit

100-200 Kg/batch

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Parle Global Technologies

Parle Global Technologies Pvt.Ltd., a 46-year-old company serving Reliable Engineering Solutions to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, F&B, Cosmetics & Other Industries. Parle provides unmatched quality and continuous innovation; we are the leaders in the industry for delivering high quality products with prompt service. With the largest manufacturing facility in Asia, we are world leaders & experts in tooling & tableting. Using our brand name & connections with companies in other markets, we are able & proud to represent some of the most elite global machine manufacturers in India. Parle offers an extensive product range, from Granulation, Tableting, Packaging, Tablet Printing & Tube Filling truly making us a “One Roof Solution for Healthcare”.

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