Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant

The Kidney Transplant Surgery is a procedure involves removing an unhealthy kidney and replaced with a healthy kidney from a donor. Usually, in this case, the patients receive only one kidney which is a new one and in some rare cases they may receive two kidneys. On the front side of the patient, the liver transplant is done at the position of the lower side of the abdomen.
Earlier considered to be an impossible treatment method, the renal transplant has been made possible by the advent of modern technology and techniques. The efficiency, safety and noninvasive method of Kidney Transplant Surgery have made it popular among the people. As the whole kidney is replaced in this treatment, there is no need for frequent dialysis as well as another form of frequent renal care.

Need For the Surgery
In reality, there are multiple disorders that make people choose Kidney Transplant Surgery as their treatment option. It can’t be limited to the few described here.
Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (Although Rare)
Repeated Urinary Infections.
Inflammation Of Kidney.
Kidney Failure (Often Caused By Diabetes)
Polycystic Kidney Disorder

The lengthy procedure of Kidney Transplant Surgery can be broadly categorized into 3 steps. Each procedure of these 3 steps is important and is handled under great care. Kidney Transplant Surgery in India has the lowest cost in the world with highest success rates by the best kidney transplant surgeon.

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