Liver transplant

Liver transplant

Liver transplant is a surgery in which a diseased or damaged liver is removed from the body and replaced with a healthy liver. It is advised when the liver has been damaged to the point where it cannot perform its normal functions and is likely to fail.
Although liver transplant is common, it is major surgery. The most serious risk is that the body may reject the new organ. To prevent this from happening, you will need to take immune suppressant medication for the rest of your life.
The department of Liver Transplantation at Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality at Aakash, New Delhi has all state of the art technology, capable of working round the clock. The department deals with the entire spectrum of diseases of the liver, biliary tract and pancreas requiring surgical interventions. We have the team of best Liver Transplant surgeons in Delhi and that is why we are considered one of the best hospitals for Liver Transplant in Delhi NCR.

The members of the team have received training at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and have extensive experience managing patients with liver disease and conducting liver transplants in India. Our Liver transplantation doctor has pioneered liver transplantation in India and has been involved in subsequent innovations in living donor liver transplantation such as minimally invasive donor hepatectomy, ABOI, Domino, and dual liver transplant. The team has taken part in over 1500 liver transplants, including living donor, deceased donor, paediatric, and combined liver and kidney transplants.
There are three types of Liver Transplant:
Deceased Organ Donation – Deceased Organ Donation is a liver transplant taken from a recently deceased person (Brain dead).
Living Donor Liver Transplant – It is the removal of a portion of a living donor’s liver because the liver can regenerate itself, both the transplanted portion and the remaining portion of the donor’s liver can regenerate into a normal-sized liver.
Split Donation Liver Transplant – The liver of a recently deceased person (brain dead donor) is divided into two pieces, one larger and one smaller; each piece is transplanted into a separate individual, where it grows back to normal size.
How is Liver Transplant Surgery done?

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