Mac 60

Mac 60

With a speed of 60 Tubes Per Minute, The Single Head Mac60 delivers great performance in a small package size.Machine Length
2200 mm

Tube Diameter
Upto 35mm (Standard)
Upto 60mm (Mac60-L)

Machine Width
1300 mm

Tube Length
50mm – 250mm

Machine Height
2250 mm

Machine Weight
1300 Kgs

Power Requirement
5KW (Lami Machine)
3KW (Aluminium Machine)

Air Requirement
15 CFM (Lami Machine)
5 CFM(Aluminium Machine)

Chilled Water Requirement
8-10Deg Celcius

Filling Volume
1-300 ml

Machine Construction

Filling Construction

Available Models:
Mac60 Lami (Lami/Plastic Tubes Only),
Mac60 Alu (Aluminium Tubes Only),
Mac60 Combination (Both Laminated, Plastic & Aluminum Tubes)
Mac60L (Upto 60mm Dia Model)

With a speed of 60 Tubes Per Minute, The Single Head Mac60 delivers great performance in a small package size.

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Pacmac Solution Pvt Ltd

Pacman Mission is to develop technologically adept machines designed & manufactured in India with a focus on robustness and customer satisfaction. Founded in 2007 by Meghdoot Thakkar, a Mechanical Engineer and Ex-Factory Manager along with a passionately committed team with the aim to satisfy the growing need for quality packaging machines. The guiding principles that drive us include Customer First. Technology Driving Decisions. Manufacture at Scale. Pacman prides itself on having dedicated service teams across India. 350 + Successful Installations In over 15 countries, our installations are a mark of attestation. 100% Repeat Orders Almost 100% Repeat Orders are Pacmac's Strength. 80 + Skilled Employee's With a team of 20+ focussed on R&D, each iteration of our machines vastly outperforms its predecessor. 10 + Years of Experience With over 10 years of experience, our designs are well-tested and robust. From 1,000 sq feet to 30,000 sq feet.. From 300,000USD to 6 Million USD in 10 Years, and. We have just started. Pacman started manufacturing tube-filling machines in a small workshop with limited resources. Currently, the company is spread out to 3 Units manufacturing packaging machines - With state of the art equipment.

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