Natural Products

Natural Products

Maninder Karan

Field of Expertise

Patent upto FER all formalities have been completed | Natural Products | Enhanced the solubility (7 fold increase in solubility) of the single plant extract and developed a nanotechnology (benefit better efficacy at a much lower dose) & evaluated that against acute and chronic wounds (tested it in diabetic) | diabetes, diabetic complications, memory loss & neuro-denegeration.

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Types of Engagement:

  • Commercialising Existing Patents / Technologies

Experimental charges/user (INR) *

  • Charges for users from Panjab University (PU) : 6,200/-(Cost (in Rs)*)          6,200/-(Total Cost (in Rs)*
  • Non–PUAcademic Institute charges +GST @ 5% :  8,000/- + 400/– (Cost (in Rs)*)               8,400/-(Total Cost (in Rs)*
  • Industries+GST @ 18% : 12,000/- + 2160/-(Cost (in Rs)*)       14,160/-(Total Cost (in Rs)*
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