Neurosurgery – Brain Tumor Treatment

Neurosurgery – Brain Tumor Treatment

A brain tumor is a group of abnormal cells that develop in the brain. These abnormal cells are powerful enough to destroy healthy brain cells as well. Brain tumors are of different types. Some of these tumors can be malignant (cancerous), whereas, others are benign (non-cancerous). A cancerous tumor grows quickly and often affects the healthy brain areas as well. In other words, non-cancerous tumors don’t have cancer cells and generally they grow slowly.

Brain tumors can start in your brain as a primary tumor or a cancer that originates in other body parts can spread to your brain in which case it is referred to as metastatic or secondary brain tumor. The impact of the tumor on your nervous system depends on its location and growth rate.
Department of Micro-Neurosurgery
Neurosurgery comprises of surgery of the brain, spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. With the advancement of operating microscopes, neurosurgeons can now perform complex brain surgeries.
Chronic conditions like Trigeminal Neuralgia which requires lifelong medication, can now be cured with Micro-Neuro surgery. Complex tumours have been eradicated without any damage to the brain or any other part. Complex tumours in elderly patients have also been treated successfully. Such outcomes are possible only with team ofskilled & dedicated surgeons, nursing & paramedical staff, regular training and continued medical and surgical updates like we do in Shalby Hospitals

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