Driven by a team of highly experienced healthcare professionals, W brings you the best in women’s healthcare. With a focus on customized patient care and home like environment, W Pratiksha Hospital’s Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology is a centre of excellence for advanced maternity care, gynaecological care and birthing.

The department offers laparoscopic surgery for removal of tumors and cysts through key-hole incisions including high-end surgical solutions for management of complex gynaecological disorders and hysteroscopic surgery for uterine disorder, intra-uterine fibroids and adhesions. Our areas of expertise include treatment for:
Abnormal uterine bleeding & menstrual disorder like fibroid, endoinetriosis
Tumors like ovarian cyst & malignancies
Vaginal Infections
Urinary incontinence (leaking)
PCOS Treatment
Advance laparoscopic & hysteroscopy like: TLH, myomectomy & adhesions
All vaginal surgeries
Cervical cancer screening program
Gynae-onco surgeries
Fertility enhancement surgeries like tubal surgery, Aadhesiolysis septum resection
Family Planning & MTP
The department offer personalised care to your journey towards motherhood from conception to delivery & beyond. We believe in holistic Obstetric care to achieve goal of healthy mother & healthy baby. Our areas of expertise include:
Round the clock availability of obstericians & gynaecologist
Painless deliveries with epidural analgesia/ Entanox
High dependancy care for high risk pregnancy
Continuous electronic monitoring
Pregnancy Care
Preconceptional advise
Antenatal care & postnatal care
Post Partum domicillary care & visits
High Risk Pregnancy Care
Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)
Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH)
Bad obstetric history (BOH)
Pre term labor & cervical encirclage
Placenta previa
Twin or multiple pregnancy
Pregnancy with medical disorders & comobidities
RH -ve pregnancy
Care of Pregnancy loss
Ectopic pregnancy & missed abortion

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W Pratiksha Hospital

W Pratiksha Hospital offers the highest standards in healthcare through a combination of cutting edge technology, a team of well-qualified, experienced and dedicated doctors with global education and experience, and super-specialized clinicians. We bring to you 30 years of experience in treating thousands of happy patients across multiple hospitals and clinics in India. An ultra-modern hospital with comfortable ambience, W offers a touch of warmth, the highest regard for patient privacy and transparent billing practices which has earned us our patients’ trust. We ensure that this quality care comes to you at the most affordable cost, in the most easily accessible city in India. A plethora of stay options to suit every pocket; along with all the delights of multi-cultural North India and exotic places to travel to, further makes us the preferred destination for domestic and international patients.

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