OZ LAB MICRO MOTOR (60000 RPM)- SKU: Oz Micro Motor Digital Watch RPM Display window.

OZ LAB MICRO MOTOR (60000 RPM)- SKU: Oz Micro Motor Digital Watch RPM Display window. DESCRIPTION Strong torque at low speed Vertical/Horizontal placement Overload Display Low noise and vibration RPM : max 60,000rpm Torque: 7.3N.cm Input:100 ~ 120, 220 ~ 240V(50/60Hz) Output:230V.

Agkem Impex Pvt. Ltd., established in 1999, is a reputable importer and seller of alloys, chemicals for jewellery, plating solutions, solder powders, tools, and supplies. These chemicals and goods are obtained from reputable suppliers who adhere to our quality standards. With the assistance of these providers, we additionally offer our clients specialized solutions. Additionally, because we can provide a high-quality selection of items, we have been awarded the coveted ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

The purpose of Agkem
As a business that values its customers, we make an effort to provide them with high-quality items like OZ LAB MICRO MOTOR that meet their needs. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to establish an admirable position for ourselves in this area.

Customer Contentment
We take care to give our customers a positive experience each and every time they interact with us because we take a customer-centric approach. Our after-sales team is made up of people that are nice and highly professional, and they are always available to help our clients whenever they need it. The majority of our customers have been doing business with us for many years, which indicates a greater degree of client satisfaction.

We Are Strong
Our company is consistently regarded by our clients as one of the best options like VINTAGE HALO POWDER in this cutthroat market due to the following reasons:

knowledgeable professionals

items of impeccable quality

practical packaging

affordable price range

delivery of the packages on schedule

Fast Delivery
Due to our cordial relationships with numerous shipping lines and forwarding firms, we can guarantee our customers’ timely and safe product delivery. These brokers offer simple transportation options based on the clients’ destinations. Additionally, they make sure that deliveries are made to clients on time. In order to keep our promises of on-time delivery, we make the necessary planning decisions.

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Agkem Impex

Agkem Impex Pvt. Ltd., are well established importers and suppliers of Jewellery Chemicals, alloys, plating solutions, solder powders, tools and materials. These chemicals and products are sourced from renowned manufacturers who meet our quality parameters. With the support of these vendors, we also provide customized solutions to our clients. Further, with our ability to offer a qualitative range of products, we have received the coveted ISO 9001:2000 Certification. As a client-oriented company, we endeavor to supply quality products as per the requirements of our valued clients. Our efforts towards high quality allow us to make an enviable position for ourselves in this direction. We also ensure that these products can be availed at industry leading prices. Owing to this, we aim at retaining our existing clients also partnering with the new ones and become one of the prime names in the industry in the year 2019-20. Having amicable relationship with various forwarding companies, shipping lines, we ensure our clients safe and on time deliveries of products. These agents provide easy transportation facility depending upon the destination of the clients. They also ensure that the clients received deliveries within the stipulated time frame. To ensure this, we undertake proper planning in order to fulfill our promises of on time delivery.