Philips Trilogy EV300 evolution of care

Philips Trilogy EV300 evolution of care

1,048,320.00 (Incl. of GST)

The Trilogy EV300 ventilator provides:

  • Invasive and non-invasive positive pressure ventilation for the care of patients ≥2.5 kg through adults.
  • The ventilator can measure, display, record, and alarm SpO2, FiO2, CO2, respiratory rate, and pulse rate data when integrated with the appropriate accessories.
  • The ventilator is suitable for use in the hospital transport setting* (*Not MRI Compatible)

1 Ventilator : 3 Beds (Ultimately Doctor has to decide)

Price terms:
20% advance, Balance prior to dispatch
Price inclusive of installation

Delivery terms:
Delivery time 2-3 weeks
Cost of delivery : Included with price
Geographies served: All India

Installation: Included in Price

Training of Hospital Staff: Included in price

Sorry, this product is not refundable.

Simple | Portable | Reliable | Adaptable


  • User-friendly platform
  • Patient-friendly performance
  • 8” touchscreen
  • Quick access 100% oxygen flush button to deliver for 2 minutesTo prevent accidental therapy changes, use the touchscreen lock
  • Quick start up. Ideal body weight (IBW) is calculated based on height and gender.
  • Adjust alarms as needed.
  • Onscreen help: Entering a new prescription or placing a new circuit on the ventilator is simple thanks to the addition of onscreen help.
  • Onscreen battery indicator


  • 15 hours of battery.*Nominal run time per method in International Electrotechnical Commission (7.5 hr/battery). Detachable battery charge time 0% to 80% is 2.5 hours, Internal battery charge time 0% to 100% is 3.5 hours. A/C-VC mode ActivePAP circuit, PEEP 3cmH2O and Vt 800ml.
  • Hot swappable detachable battery provides uninterrupted therapy. * *When the internal battery is charged, batteries can be replaced without the ventilator pausing therapy.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Preventive Maintenance time: Trilogy Evo Service Solution- Avg. 21 mins
  • Battery cycles: 1,200 cycles
  • Service interval: 1 year*(inspection, cleaning and filter replacement only)



  • Seamlessly transition across care environments, utilizing the same clinical technology
  • Evolution of Ventilator Technology
    • Oxygen blender, low flow oxygen connection and FiO2 cell
    • 5 prescriptions
    • 4 circuits: single and dual limb
    • Circuit Calibration
    • Tubing Compliance Compensation
    • Ti min/max
    • Flow Trigger 0.5
    • Rise Time 0
    • Dynamic Parameters
    • AVAPS updates
    • AVAPS-AE updates
    • End-tidal CO2 (optional)
  • Oxygen
    • FiO2 sensor access on back panel
    • Up to 30 Lpm low flow O2
    • Oxygen Blender Module
  • Prescriptions
    • Program upto 5 prescriptions
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