Portable Health Center

Portable Health Center

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  • Made out of Galvanised steel with 50 mm thick glass wool insulation  with  wooden particle board finish from inside.
  • Aluminum powder coated windows on sides.
  • Provision of fan, tubelight & electrical points with concealed wiring
  • MS Grill for windows from outside.
  • MS Platform at the base covered with cement sheet covered with pvc vinyl flooring.
  • Available in various sizes ranging such as  10’x10’ ,20’ x 10’ , 40’ x 10’

Portable Health Center – The utilisation of containers is also beneficial in the medical industry.

Anywhere there is a medical emergency, it is a low-cost emergency facility that is easily deployed by helicopter.

After the epidemic, the necessity of improving the health care infrastructure became clear. As a result, there are more hospitals and emergency care facilities. The government is promoting the use of modular buildings as hospital additions, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas with poor infrastructure. This suggests that there is a growing need for space as patients demand more comfort when they are only there for a short period of time. As a result, the need for adding more facilities such as OPD rooms, labs, storage rooms, etc. increases.

when you require inexpensive, quick expansion. Additionally, they are sustainable and kind to the earth.

There are various benefits that require mentioning when talking about the benefits of the modular hospital structure. First of all, the building’s quick completion is outstanding. It can be created in as little as half the time needed to construct a typical building. Prefabrication expedites the process of off-site facility construction. Since modular constructions are built indoors, the effects of the weather are not felt during construction. The quick structure implies a slight disruption in people’s duties.

Safety and security, in addition to the present moment, are substantial advantages. Loss of time, management costs, tools damaged by insurance policies, and penalties are all examples of accidents and risks.

It is important to note at the outset that a modular health centre is a fully functional healthcare institution with at least two operating rooms, an intensive care unit, and other systems and departments (depending upon the services needed). For its patients, it creates comfort in terms of space, time, and performance.

Portable Health Center – Boroplast OPD Center is supplied through a Government initiative.

These are not actual prices, the final price will be finalized upon sharing customizations. Kindly hit “Contact Vendor” to share your specifications

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Dimensions 304.8 × 304.8 cm


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