Third-party Reproduction: Sperm, egg, and embryo donation and surrogacy


The phrase “third-party reproduction” refers to the use of eggs, sperm, or embryos that have been donated by a third person (donor) to enable an infertile individual or couple (intended recipient) to become parents. Donors may be known or anonymous to the intended recipient. “Third-party reproduction” also includes traditional surrogacy and gestational carrier arrangements.

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Wings Hospital

Wings Hospital is a leading chain of Infertility hospitals based out of Gujarat and Rajasthan with special focus on IVF, Male Infertility, Advanced IVF Techniques, Endoscopy and high end maternity.A report suggests that 27.5 million couples are looking to be parents but are facing difficulties to become parents by natural means. India has grown manifolds in terms of technological and skills advancement in tis field and has become a big centre of attraction to provide expertise solution to the world by catering a huge population for treating by IVF. Fertility issues are due to low egg quality and sperm quality as marriage being taking place in a very advance age, sedentary life styles, exposure to radiations, low food quality, stressful lifestyle etc.

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