Oncology treatment in India is the treatment which is the branch of medicine that researches, identifies and treat cancer. In India we have a team of best Doctors who treat cancer with medicines, surgeries or radiations. The oncology treatment team of Doctors discusses the disease stage with the patient and then treat it accordingly. There are various research centers into research of cancer vaccines. It is very important for any Oncology Doctor to keep updated with respect to the latest advancements in oncology, as changes in management of cancer are quite common these days. Hence, diagnostic and staging investigations depends on the site and type of malignancy. In, India there are many specialities in Oncology: Neuro oncology, Ocular oncology, Breast oncology, Dermatological oncology, Pediatric oncology, Psycho oncology etc.

Cancer treatment is little expensive worldwide, but the main reason for its high cost is its equipments and setting up a cancer hospital. Cancer patients must have to pay for drugs that mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy.
We at Al Ahamd healthcare assist you with best Oncological treatment with affordable prices as we are associated with best Oncologist and treatment hospitals in India hence our core objective is to provide best treatment in India. We help our patients in the best suitable and most appropriate treatment plan. Complete personal assistance will be provide by our experts for a satisfactory and wonderful experience of medical tourism to India.

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Al-Hamd Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Al-Hamd Healthcare Solutions - Medical tourism refers to travelling to another country for medical care. Many people travel to India from their home country for their health care needs as a World Class Medical facility is available in India at a Cost-Effective price. Many patients prefer to travel overseas as the required health care due to the absence of the required facility, patients waiting several months for their surgery, or very high cost of the surgeries. One of the main points of concern while flying overseas for their medical needs is Communication Gap. We at Healing Lives Solutions have a dedicated team which looks into communication. A staff who speaks the native language of the patient and also speaks the local language is assigned by Healing Lives Solutions to the patient from the time he lands till the time he flies back to his home country. This language interpreter remains with the patient at all times during consultation and tests to ease the process. The interpreter also assists the patient and his attendant to show them around the city and take them for shopping.

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