Pronutrition Magnesium Citrate 500 Mg – Pack Of 120 Capsules

Pronutrition Magnesium Citrate 500 Mg – Pack Of 120 Capsules

1,499.00 (Incl. of GST)

Extra Strength Magnesium Citrate Supplement:- Pronutrition Magnesium Citrate Supplement Contains A Strong 500Mg Per Capsule Blend Of Magnesium Citrate. Highly Concentrated And Absorbable Magnesium Supplement Is Easy To Swallow.
Pronutrition Magnesium Complex Supports: – Helps & Support Muscle Function Normal Blood Pressure Healthy Nervous System Healthy Bones, Teeth, Metabolism & Energy And Relaxation
Magnesium Is Critical For Energy Production And Metabolism, Muscle Contraction, Nerve Impulse Transmission, And Bone Mineralization. It Is A Required Cofactor For An Estimated 300 Enzymes. Among The Reactions Catalyzed By These Enzymes Are Fatty Acid Synthesis, Protein Synthesis, And Glucose Metabolism. Magnesium Citrate Is Also Important For Regulation Of Calcium Balance Through Its Effects On The Parathyroid Gland.
Pronutrition Magnesium Complex:- Helps Support Enzyme Function, Muscles. Whether You Are Deficient Or Looking To Improve Your Health, Our Magnesium Citrate 500Mg Blend Is A Powerful Dose Of Two Highly Absorbable Forms Of Magnesium.Each Bottle Contains 120 Capsules With 500Mg, Making It One Of The Best Value Magnesium Citrate Supplements Available. Most Comparable Magnesium Citrate Brands Only Offer 90 Capsules Or A Lower Strength. With More Capsules Per Bottle With Extra Strength Pronutrition .

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