Sanket Life Pro+

Sanket Life Pro+

6,999.00 3,500.00 (Incl. of GST)


• Switch from lead less to lead based ECG device in seconds
• Can cater to any type of patient need
• Ultra portable and compact, weights less than 150gms
• In app doctor review
• Easy shareable reports, for connected care

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Sanketlife pro plus streamlines clinical outreach with
efficiency and innovation. The same ECG technology to
analyze, assess, and manage your patient’s cardiovascular
health. With a complete 12 lead ECG that can be taken without
using cables or lead wires, the device has an additional extendable feature that can transform it into a lead-based device by using a simple converter.

For a variety of clinical needs and keeping in mind the dynamic patient requirements Sanketlife pro plus can function like any lead-based ECG machine without compromising the compactness or efficiency of the device. The device can be switched with DB15 cables using a connector- SanketLife SwitchSy that world exclusively with SanketLife Pro+

  • Wireless
    Revolutionary Sensor Technology, quick and easy to use. No gel, patch, or leads required to capture ECG.
  • Stress/HRV monitor
    Optimize your fitness schedule and track day to day fitness and heart health with SanketLife Stress/HRV monitoring.
  • Economical
    Enhance the quality of care with minimal investment. Require minimal training, no recurring cost of infrastructure to take ECG
  • Clinically Validated 
    Clinically tested by reputed institutions all over India with 98% accuracy to traditional ECG machine and accredited by CDSCO and CE approved.
  • Doctor Connect 
    Stay connected with your doctors by easy sharable reports generated from SanketLife app, get your doctor’s opinion quickly. Cardiologist opinion available 24×7 on demand.
  • Cloud Storage
    Cloud storage service for remote patient monitoring through secure channels. Access to patient data anytime, helping in faster review and quicker diagnosis.
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Agatsa Software Pvt. Ltd.

WORLD'S SMALLEST, POCKET, 12-LEAD ECG MONITOR SanketLife is the world's smallest, clinical grade, touch based 12-Lead ECG Monitor. This is a pocket ECG machine, which can be carried anywhere and can be operated by anyone with minimal or no training. Since, it is capable of taing full 12-Lead ECG, it is apt for use by doctors, healthcare professionals, diagnostic services and users and patients equally.Along with ECG, this portable Heart monitor can measure accurate Heart rate (HR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Stress and almost 100+ Heart diseases. The first alert of a Heart Disease has Traditionally been a Chest Pain or a Heart Attack...BUT NOT ANY MORE. Take a Medical Grade 12 LEAD ECG and HRV, Just by Touch on few points on your body. Instant Interpreted ECG Report and Optional Cardiologist in 10 Minutes. World's First and Smallest Leadless 12 LEAD ECG Device.

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