Surgical Paper Tape

Surgical Paper Tape

Surgical Paper Tape – medicine and first aid, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape known as surgical tape or medical tape is used to secure a bandage or other dressing to a lesion. These tapes often include a hypoallergenic adhesive that is made to adhere firmly to skin, dressings, and underlying layers of tape while being simple to remove without causing skin damage. They permit the skin to breathe (“breathable”). Cotton is used to make some elastic bandages with adhesive and breathable tapes like kinesiology tape. Because zinc oxide is often added to surgical tape in order to assist prevent infections, it frequently has a white colour. There is a large market for porous tapes like 3M Micropore. Used in medicine
first aid.

Surgical tape dressings have a few characteristics, such as:

translucent, white, and “skin” coloured rolls or pre-cut, individually supplied materials (although in a limited range of skin colours)
rigidity or extension (to fix a dressing in place, or to flex around to skeletal joints)
absorbent or water-resistant

There are many different kinds of surgical tape that are categorised here based on the components of the tape itself and the characteristics of the applied adhesive, which should be hypoallergenic.

The two most popular kinds of tape are either fragile tape (made of easily torn materials like paper) or tear-resistant tape (often made of fabric or plastic). Some of these tapes may also be waterproof, breathable, or both water-resistant and partially porous, allowing some limited passage of air and moisture. A bandage should have the right amount of adhesive strength, be impermeable while also being breathable, be simple to remove without causing skin irritation and be resistant to sunlight, ageing, and high temperatures. The specifications outlined in are applicable to surgical tapes used in medical procedures.

Surgical Paper Tape – These tapes usually have a
hypoallergenic adhesive.
Sizes : 2.5cm x 5m, 5cm x 5m,
7.5cm x 5m, 10cm x 5m,
10cm x 10m

Hypoallergenic, high strength,
comfortable, porous tape and
100% latex free.
Pressure sensitive adhesive
tape ideal for securing gauze
and dressings.

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