Total Hip Replacement or THR procedure is conducted for the candidates, who suffer from any kind of hip arthritis. THR improves the total quality of life. It is conducted to remove the femoral head entirely and the hip that causes the trouble is replaced with a new and artificial hip. Then the prosthesis or implant is placed with a new socket and a new ball.The new ball here is attached to the stem and it would get machined in the bone of hip. The implant used for the hip replacement would wear out in some time. So, on average, the implant lasts for over 15 to 20 years, but for the younger candidates, this period is often less. After it is wearing out, revision of the same hip replacement procedure would be considered.

Need For the Surgery
Total Hip Replacement is needed for the candidates, for the following reasons.
Candidates, who have severe arthritis that worsen the hip joint.
Common hip problems that usually result in Osteoarthritis
Bone tumors, both benign and malignant
Candidates, who are dependent on pain medication or anti-inflammatory medication
Despite the use of pain medicine, the pain becomes so severe and impedes to usually normal function
Rheumatoid arthritis
Death of the hip bone
Hip joint bony fractures
Paget’s disease, commonly seen in the elderly life
Bones becoming enlarged and weakened because of deformity or fractures happening to the hip bone

Candidates of any age can go through the procedure is cost-effectively Increased and better rate of satisfaction seen in the patients, after the procedure the movement of the hip joint gets improved arthritis sufferers’ best choice mobility can be improved.

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