Tynor Work from Home Kit (1 Back Rest,1 Coccyx Cushion Seat & 1 Contoured Cervical Pillow)

Tynor Work from Home Kit (1 Back Rest,1 Coccyx Cushion Seat & 1 Contoured Cervical Pillow)

4,700.00 (Incl. of GST)

Tynor Coccyx Cushion Seat (Excellent Cushion,Perfect Posture,Reduces pressure on Tailbone and Bottom Area,Long Functional Life)-Universal
Tynor Coccyx Cushion Seat is anatomically designed with a coccyx comfort space.
The anatomically contoured surface distributes body weight across the seat.
It eliminates pain by allowing tailbone to “float” in the open space, not compressed against the seating surface.

Product 1: Anatomic design maintains natural lower back curve and side support holds the body. Helps in releving anterior pressure on the vertebras.
Product 1: Use of high density foam provides high resilience, better cushioning and longer fucntional life.
Product 1: Modern aesthetics,smart cover and plush cover makes it easy to use anywhere(Office,Home,Car,etc)
Product 2: Relief lower back pain & sciatica relief – Supports recovery from lower back problems, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, sciatica and other spinal issues.
Product 2: Durable & Portable – It is not only for the home or office. It is lightweight and portable which means you can bring it anywhere with you whenever you anticipate the possibility of sitting down for a long time.
Product 2: Comfort anywhere – There are so many ways you can use your seat cushion ? on cars, trains, buses, planes, and even if you?re home reading a book or watching TV. You can also use these super supportive seat cushions during yoga and meditation.
Product 3: Scientific design keeps neck in slightly hyerextension positon to provide muscle relaxation and proper support to neck.

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