Urja Anaesthesia Workstation

Urja Anaesthesia Workstation

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The Urja Anaesthesia Workstation is the latest high-end anaesthesia workstation system from Reubens Hospitech Pvt Ltd providing the ideal solution for today’s busy operating room.

Urja anaesthesia workstation is a fully integrated anaesthesia gas delivery system that offers an advanced feature along with ease of use.

It is livable designed using the latest technology and provides a stable and effective performance.

The joint-free and aesthetically designed appearance reduces the risk of unwarranted leakage and is easy to use.


1. Urja Anesthesia Workstation with following parameter i. 5 Tube Rotameter with cylinder attachment for 2 O2 & 2 N2O & central supply inlet for oxygen O2, N2O & Air.

2. Autoclavable Circle System with On/Off Circle Absorber System & Bi. Stable Bag / Ventilator System.

3. DISS Fitting for O2, N2O & Air.

4. Hypoxia, ORC Low Flow Anesthesia 5 Tube Rotameter

5. Inbuilt Electrical panel with a modular structure.

6. Back Light for Rotameter.

7. Anesthesia Ventilator, Model: Advanced

8. A perfect workmanship of rigid and robust structure with an anti-bacterial coat

9. Optional anaesthetic gas monitoring

10. Optional electronic gas mixer with digital flowmeters

– 8′ TFT color display with touch display
– Application: Pediatric and adults
-Tidal Volume setting 50-1500ml(Optional 20ml)
-Ventilation modes: VCV, SIMV-VC, Manual(optional: PCV,SIMV-PC,PSV)
-Friendly user Interface, Display PAW-T, Flow-T curve
– Built-in active expiratory PEEP valve: Built-in battery
-Easily removable and sterilizable flow sensor module

-Pressure Values: Ppeak, Plat, Pmean, Pmin, PEEP
-Volume/Flow values: VT1, VTE, MV,MVspont
-Ftotal, fspn, I:E, Rinsp, Cdyn
-Optional Fio2,etCO2
-Optional loops: pressure- Volume, Volume-Flow

-MV, paw, VTE, Rate, FiO2, mains failure, battery low, battery discharged, O2 supply failure, Apnea, circuit occlusion


The Unit is Warranted for a period of 12 months from the date of Installation against manufacturing defects. Accessories carry a limited warranty of 90 days from the date of installation.

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