UVENT-T-S RESPIRATORY STATION for all clinical applications

UVENT-T-S RESPIRATORY STATION for all clinical applications

1,281,280.00 (Incl. of GST)

Neonatal | Pediatric | Adult

Intensive Care Unit | Intermediate Care | Emergency Room | Intrahospital transportation

1 Ventilator : 5 Beds (Ultimately Doctor has to decide)

Price terms:
20% advance, Balance prior to dispatch
Price inclusive of installation

Delivery terms:
Delivery time 2-3 weeks
Cost of delivery : Included with price
Geographies served: All India

Installation: Included in Price

Training of Hospital Staff: Included in price

  • High-resolution touch LED 12 ″ + 22 ″ color display
  • Unlimited lifetime oxygen sensor
  • Operation with any available oxygen source
  • Simultaneous monitoring of breathing mechanics and vital signs
  • Built-in SpO2 and СО2 modules in basic configuration
  • Patient’s respiratory effort tools and analysis
  • Volumetric capnometry
  • Static and dynamic compliance
  • Simultaneously active flow and pressure triggers
  • Wide range of expiratory trigger sensitivity settings
  • Work of breathing calculation
  • Automatic altitude, compliance and resistance compensation
  • Initial ventilation settings based on the patient’s anthropometric data
  • Auxiliary pressure monitoring (Pes, Ptr/Paux)
  • Integrated aerosol therapy system
  • 72 hours scalable trends of all monitored data
  • Device and patient circuit self-test
  • Event log 10.000 records
  • Built in Li-ion battery
  • Workspace ergonomics – basket, patient circuit hanger, medical mounting rail, electric splitter
  • Remote service support and diagnostic technology
Sorry, this product is not refundable.

Ventilation modes

  • VC Volume Controlled Ventilation PC Pressure Controlled Ventilation
  • PCVT Pressure Controlled Volume Targeted Ventilation TCPL Time Cycled Pressure Limited Ventilation
  • VC-SIMV Volume Controlled Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation
  • PC-SIMV Pressure Controlled Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation
  • PCVT-SIMV Pressure Controlled Volume Targeted Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation
  • PC-PS Combined Pressure Controlled and Pressure Support Ventilation
  • VC-VS Combined Volume Controlled and Volume Support Ventilation
  • PCVT-VS Combined Volume Guarantee and Volume Support Ventilation
  • BIPPV Biphasic Positive Airway Pressure Ventilation APRV Biphasic Airway Pressure Release Ventilation
  • CPAP/PS Continuous Positive Airway Pressure with Pressure support
  • nCPAP nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure nIPPV nasal Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation PS Pressure Support
  • VS Volume Support Ventilation HFOT High Flow Oxygen Therapy
  • AdVent Adaptive Pressure-based intelligent Ventilation Support ProVent Adaptive Volume-based intelligent Ventilation Support

Monitored parameters Pressure monitoring

  • Peak airway pressure (Рреак) PEEP level (PEEP)
  • Mean airway pressure (Pmean) Minimal airway pressure (Pmin) Plateau pressure (Pplat)
  • End inspiratory pressure (Peip) Driving Pressure (Pdrive)
  • Delta Airway Pressure (dPaw) Delta Esophageal Pressure (dPes) Intristic PEEP level (AutoPEEP)
  • Intristic PEEP with esophageal pressure (AutoPEEPes) Total PEEP (PEEPtot)
  • Transpulmonary Pressure, Plateau (Ptp Plat) Transpulmonary Pressure, AutoPEEP (Ptp AutoPEEP) Pressure Time Product (PTP)
  • 100ms Occlusion Inspiratory Pressure (P0,1) Minimal Esophageal Pressure level (Pes min) Maximal Esophageal Pressure level (Pes max) Esophageal Plateau Pressure (Pes plateau) Esophageal Pressure Time Product (Pes PTP)
  • Esophageal 100ms Occlusion Inspiratory Pressure (Pes P0,1) Tracheal pressure (Ptr)

Flow monitoring

  • Peak inspiratory flow (Finsp) Peak Expiratory flow (Fexp) End expiratory flow (EEF)
  • Monitored (mean) nasal CPAP flow value (CPAP flow)
  • Patient Leakage % (PatLeak%)
  • CPAP flow for automatic leak compensation
  • (LeakFlow)
  • Peak spontaneous flow (PSF)

Time/rate monitoring

  • Total respiratory rate (f total) Mandatory respiratory rate (f mand) Spontaneous respiratory rate (f spont) Real time clock & timer
  • Inspiratory time (Tinsp) Expiratory time (Texp) I:E Ratio
  • Expiratory constant (RCexp) Spontaneous Inspiratory time (Ti spont)
  • Spontaneous Inspiratory time to cycle time ratio (Ti spont/Ttot)

Breathing mechanics

  • Expiratory constant (RCexp) Inspiratory constant (RCinsp)
  • Rapid shallow breathing index (RSB) Static Compliance (Cstat)
  • Dynamic Compliance (Cdyn) Chest wall compliance (Ccw) Lung Compliance (Clung)
  • End Tidal Compliance ratio (C20/C) Lung elasticity (Elung)
  • Inspiratory airway resistance (Rinsp) Expiratory airway resistance (Rexp) Maximal resistance (Rpeak)
  • Static resistance (Rstat)
  • Work of breathing of patient (WOBp) Work of breathing of ventilator (WOBv)
  • Relative work of breathing of patient (WOBp%)

Volumetric CO2

  • Automatic CO2 alveolar plateau definition (Slope CO2) CO2 concentration expiratory (EtCO2)
  • CO2 volume expiratory (VtCO2) Minute CO2production (MVCO2)
  • Anatomic Dead Space Volume (Vd ana) Alveolar Tidal Volume (Vt alv)
  • Alveolar Minute Volume (MV alv) Physiologic Dead Space (Vd phy)
  • Physiologic Dead Space / Tidal Volume Ratio (Vd/Vte phy) Alveolar Dead Space (Vd alv)

Volume monitoring

  • Inspiratory Tidal Volume (Vti) Expiratory Tidal Volume (Vtе)
  • Mandatory Tidal Volume (VtMand) Spontaneous Tidal Volume (VtSpont) Ventilation Coefficient (Vt/IBW)
  • Spontaneous Ventilation Coefficient (VtSpont/IBW) Mandatory Ventilation Coefficient (VtMand/IBW) Leakage volume (Vleak)
  • Relative leakage volume (Vleak%) Inspiratory Minute Volume (MVi) Expiratory Minute Volume (MVe)
  • Spontaneous expired minute volume (MVe Spont) Expired minute volume according to IBW (MVe/IBW) Spontaneous expired minute volume per IBW (MVeSpont/IBW) Minute Volume leakage (MVleak)
  • Relative Minute Volume leakage (MVleak%)

Gases and Vital signs monitoring

  • Oxygen concentration (FiО2) ultrasonic oxygen cell
  • CO2 concentration (FiCО2/EtCO2) mainstream/sidestream Oxygen blood saturation SpO2
  • Pulse rate, PLE, Perfusion index

Graphical monitoring

  • Airway pressure/time curve Airway flow/time curve Tidal volume/time curve Esophageal pressure curve
  • Transpulmonary pressure curve Paux/Tracheal pressure curve CO2 waveform
  • Capnomery graph
  • Photoplethysmogram Pressure/volume loop Flow/volume loop Pressure/flow loop Volume/CO2 loop

Special functions

  • Lock mode Freeze mode
  • Oxygenation/suction mode P-V tool
  • Intermittent lung inflation «sigh» Intermittent PEEP rise «PEEP sigh» Inspiratory/ Expiratory hold Manual breath
  • Reference loops and waveforms record Curves record
  • Screenshot record Intubation maintenance

Adjustable alarms

  • Airway pressure high/low Tidal volume high/low Minute volume high/low Total breath rate high/low
  • Oxygen concentration high/low PEEP level high/low
  • Apnea
  • Air trapping Leak sensitivity

Technical alarms

  • AC power loss Low battery
  • Low/high oxygen pressure Y-piece sensor error Technical failure with code

Dimensions and weight

Main unit, cm 35 x 31 x 15
Weight, kg 7.5

Power supply

AC 110 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Built in Li-ion Battery: upto 4 hours

External Battery: Option

Patient Parameters

Height, cm

Body weight, kg

Patient Age, years

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