Walk-in Stability Chamber

Walk-in Stability Chamber

Higg’s Healthcare Walk-in Stability Chambers are designed to meet, if not exceed, stringent quality standards recognized internationally.

Walk-in Stability Chamber

Higg’s Healthcare Walk-in Stability Chamber is designed to meet, if not exceed, stringent quality standards recognized internationally.

Technical Specifications of Walk-in Stability Chamber:

  • Temperature Control Accuracy/ Uniformity : ± 0.2°C / ± 1°C
  • Temperature Range of Walk-in Stability Chamber: 20°C-60°C
  • Humidity Control Accuracy / Uniformity : ± 2% RH  /  ± 3% RH

Standard Features:

  • Prefabricated modular structure with PUF/Rockwool insulated panels and reinforced floor panel.
  • Interior Stainless Steel and Exterior PPGI/Stainless Steel finish.
  • Adequate illumination inside the chamber.
  • Glass view panel with specially designed leakproof door.
  • Racks & trays made of Stainless Steel with adjustable tray heights.
  • CFC free refrigeration systems.
  • Man, Machine, Product, and Environmental Safety
  • Safety system to cut off the power supply in case of overshoot and undershoot of Temperature and Humidity conditions giving audiovisual alarms.
  • Additional safety thermostat to cut off the power supply in case of temperature overshoots.
  • Low water level alarm for humidity system.
  • Emergency push button inside the chamber to de-energize magnetic lock.
  • Panic switch inside the chamber with audible alarm outside.
  • A manual unlocking mechanism for a door from inside the walk-in chamber.
  • Environment-friendly processes and refrigerants used.
  • Hydronic Cooling System
  • Thermolab has innovated a unique chilled water circulation system that reduces electrical consumption by 60% and water consumption by 90%.
  • Factory assembled refrigeration system, avoiding on-site piping work.
  • This unique design enables maintenance of optimum cooling coil temperatures depending on the chamber conditions and resultant Dew Point.
  • The life of the compressor increases as the running time of the compressor has enormously decreased.
  • Compact plug and play design and can be placed behind the chamber or in the technical area.
  • Air Processing Unit (APU)
  • Designed to achieve optimum energy utilization with Integrated Cooling, Heating, and Humidifying system.
  • The airflow is designed to have uniform conditions throughout the chamber.
  • Custom-designed supply and return air ducts particularly for chambers having larger storage volumes.
  • Sleek APU design resulted in increased storage volume.
  • Control Panel
  • Newly designed control panel as per international electrical safety standards.
  • PLC-based control system with 7” color HMI, and front-mounted compact design.
  • Country-specific electrical panel design to comply with local electrical standards.
  • Works on 110 / 220 / 440 Volts and 50 / 60 Hz


Additional Features:

  • Desktop-based or Server-based SCADA software for data management having support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
  • 100% redundant refrigeration & humidity systems with automatic changeover.
  • 8 point temperature and 8 point relative humidity monitoring sensors for online mapping.
  • Standby temperature and humidity sensors.
  • Printer interface and data storage facility.
  • Email and mobile alert systems.
  • Ethernet communication protocol.
  • Door Access Security system.
  • Remote audio-visual alarm
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