Zindagi Stevia White Powder – Natural Fat Free Leaves Extract For Weight Loss (Single)

Zindagi Stevia White Powder – Natural Fat Free Leaves Extract For Weight Loss (Single)

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Products Description Zindagi's Stevia powder is a new generation sugar substitutes Stevia Sugar is the latest international zero calorie and fat-free sugar substitutes. Stevia powder jar is ideal to meet cooking and baking needs. Stevia Benefits 1. Natural Stevia extract white powder has zero calories, zero fats, zero carbs and 100% sugar-free 2. Stevia sweetener is 100% safe for diabetic patients and this is the natural sugar for the obese and health conscious person. 3. Stevia sugar-free is safe for kids and all kind of age people it is also safe for pregnant women. Stevia Sugar contains zero Aspartame, Sucralose etc. Uses 1. Zindagi Stevia powder 1 gm is equal to 2 teaspoons of sugar 2. Stevia powder can be used in tea, coffee, cornflake, hot and cold beverages as well as in the variety of homemade desert like Gajar ka halva, pudding, kheer, custard etc. Zindagi Stevia powder is much better than Stevia tablets, Splenda Sweetener, Sugar-free. Zindagi Stevia Products are Available in stevia dry leaves, stevia liquid, stevia sachets

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